Substack Is A Threat to Traditional News Media

So, this is why I created my account and decided to explore the platform, the concept and to write this first article.

Anything that is a “dangerous threat” to the traditional news media is fantastic. They have become the long-arm propaganda machines for the establishment and provide nothing but a driven narrative to brainwash and direct society toward an agenda. An agenda which I believe to be minimally nefarious. The “mainstream” media is widely perceived as giving just enough truth to convince people to believe them only to jam opinions and false information down people’s throats to corral the “sheep”. Yep, this is an opinion too, but it should also be noted that some opinions can also be true. I’ll leave that discernment up to you.

In regards to journalism. From what I’ve seen in the last 20 years, real journalism is effectively dead. The reporting on current events and geopolitics by the “mainstream journalists” is never just the facts but is always slanted with subjective viewpoints. The ability for the listener/watcher to draw their own conclusion is seemingly intentionally diminished. “Do not think on your own, believe what we say you should think." - seems to be the purpose of their form of “journalism”.

There are of course exceptions. There are still some real journalists out there but they are greatly inhibited. They are limited to either self or crowd funding and are intentionally disregarded by “mainstream” or “official” outlets, with exception to demonizing or attacking them. This too I believe is an intentional “squashing” of opposing or even different viewpoints. Another method utilized to control the narrative. Let’s also not forget that regulations, licenses, permits, etc. affect those who do not have millions of dollars and a corporate budget with teams of lawyers.

Indeed Paul, couldn’t agree more. This is part of a quote that comes from Mahatma Gandhi.

Well, let’s win, shall we?